Black Lives Matter Police Shootings

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People are hypersensitive over Black Lives Matter/Police Shootings Do you think people are too sensitive? For instance the movement Black Lives Matter, people are too sensitive over this subject. This movement really started to get to everyone when people started to see white policemen shooting and killing black citizens. The black citizens weren't innocent bystanders, these black citizens committed crimes. Most cases of the police shootings the criminal proposed a weapon to the cop in a harmful manner, and when the cop felt threatened and felt that his life were to be in danger the cop shoots. Many people believe that the cop only shot the black citizen just because he was black, but the cop is just doing his job that he is instructed to …show more content…

Instead of addressing real issues of racism, the activists focus on a few incidents where a black person has gotten into a deadly confrontation with law enforcement — but where there doesn’t appear to have been any racism.In many of the incidents, the officers themselves were black or Hispanic. The high-profile accusations and scrutiny have resulted in ruining the careers and reputations of many law enforcement officers, who are often forced to resign, subsequently facing civil lawsuits and even criminal charges.” (Alexander 1). Black Lives Matter is still new to history it has only been going on a few years, and Police shootings have been a major “help” for Black Lives Matter so that the media will expand the Black Lives Matter voice/movement. The Black Lives Matter movement say that police are only shooting the black people committing the crime just because they are black, and this is a major reason why these people are hypersensitive. They say these things to draw attention to themselves and say that what happened, but they over dramatise the occasion of what happened. This is gold to the media, so the media helps the people affected by the police shootings by helping over dramatise the situation that

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