Police Brutality And Racial Profiling

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Living in the information age, the prevalence and awareness towards social problems are able to receive more access than ever before. We always hear the term Social Problems being thrown around habitually in the 21st century, but the term Social problem is defined as “A general cause that motivates activists and social movement organizations to address a particular troubling condition”. (CITE). The current world has too many social problems to name off in under 5 pages so for this paper I would like to focus on perhaps the most prevalent one that we are seeing way too often these days. Police Brutality and racial profiling. As a white male, someone who is a criminal justice major in hopes of eventually becoming some type of law enforcement for my career later in life, you may ask why I even care about this issue since it isn’t necessarily affecting my life directly. My response is simple, I am tired of seeing the hashtags behind these deaths and one death from police brutality is already too many. Everyone sees the subject of police brutality as something that creates racial tension and divides us as a nation. I contest this argument because the truth is, the citizens of the United States are tired of seeing this issue and are UNITING to protest what is becoming a norm for Police. The most publicized organization that is attacking this issue at its source is comprised of people across the nation and the group is identified as “Black Lives Matter”. While there is no official
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