`` Black Man And White Woman `` And `` A Dark Green Rowboat ``

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In Russel Banks “Black Man and White Woman in a Dark Green Rowboat” The author implies that dealing with an unexpected pregnancy may be a difficult and uncomfortable situation. This story discusses a couple that is dealing with a unique circumstance and they have to make a decision. As a reader, you won’t want to miss the tension of this interracial couple as they battle against the pressure of society. I will be discussing symbolism as well as setting throughout this entire essay. In the first section I will be addressing the surroundings; establish a foundation , and illuminate some background on this story. The next part of my essay will be focusing on the conflict and how the setting demonstrates the tension between the main characters. The final section will focus on the resolution, how the lack of change in the setting is symbolic, and has a deeper meaning.

This story is written in the nineteen eighties, an era filled with racial and sexual evolution. By the mid- '80s, Jim Crow laws had been dead for two decades -- a full generation. Mid- '80s culture had also been redefined by social movements such as civil rights and feminism. The eighties was an era of female empowerment and African American equality. Although Jim Crow laws, which hindered racial equality, have been null for two decades, romantic relationships between multiple ethnicities is still not widely accepted. The story begins describing the weather “It was the third day of an August heat wave” (71). It
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