Black Masculinity Essay

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This is more of a personal question, but how do you define masculinity and more specifically black masculinity? What does it mean to you? In our earlier reading for black masculinity, we learned about different definitions of black masculinity through different lens. For example, authors such as Byron Hurt and Kathleen Brown state that black masculinity can be rooted in many from expressionism to violence. With every reading and every discussion in class, I consistently have to return to these questions in order to remind myself what black masculinity should look like and how it is portrayed to be in society. On that same token, do you believe masculinity and black masculinity should be separated as two different concepts. In Ellison’s Am …show more content…

Transitioning into the 20th and 21st century, black masculinity can still be validated or proven by means of violence, stature, physical force. That being said, how did your household view gay black masculinity? As you grew up, did your parents educate you about it or was it more so an out of sight out of mind issue? In the novel Finding Fish, Antwone Fisher, a young black boy, sometimes feels the need to reach out of his comfort zone and adopt a persona that is not completely true to self. Instead of being the good kid that he normally was, he felt the need to act out in front of his friends. As a child, did you ever feel the need to act a different way to fit in? Did you ever change your persona to fit in? Why? In class, we briefly touched on the topic of black men possibly having privilege. More specifically, a black male privilege that black women can’t experience because they are not men. An example brought up in class would be the fact that we hear a lot about the death of black men who die at the hands of crooked law officials, but black women such as Sandra Bland have died by the same cause, yet we don’t talk about them as much in comparison to black male issues. Do you believe that because you are a black male, you still experience a certain level of male privilege? Do you believe that the privilege you may or may not benefit from gives you an advantage over all women? Lastly, do you believe that agenda of black women often take a backseat to

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