Black People Were The Victims Of Many Tragedies Essay

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For centuries, black people were the victims of many tragedies in American history. One of the most memorable misfortunes that this racial group faced was during the times of slavery. Slavery is the practice of labelling human beings as property so they have restricted liberty and are forced into working hard labor for the owners. Many blacks were forced or born into slavery, where they have been deprived of their power and suffered from long hours of work and physical attacks from their owners. Even though this race had been put down consistently, it did not stop certain blacks from rising up to fight the unjustified system. Born in 1822 in Dorchester County, Maryland, Harriet Tubman grew up to be one of the most memorable historical figures in the nation. In her early life, she was the daughter of enslaved parents and forced to work on the plantations. However, Tubman eventually escaped to her freedom in 1849. Even though she ran away from her life as a slave, she came back as leading abolitionist. Tubman’s actions contributed to the freedom of the slaves.
Tubman was a symbol of bravery and independence to many slaves. Throughout her early life, Tubman faced the many common hardships of slavery, being severely abused by her owner and his family. She was inflicted several permanent scars and physical injuries from the beatings and lashes she received growing up. One of her most painful injuries was given as punishment when she did not halt a runaway slave. Because of her

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