Harriet Tubman 's Impact On America

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Avery Calkins
Mrs. Dyer
Honors English I
30 October 2015
Harriet Tubman 's Impact on America
Many people throughout history have had an impact on America today. During the civil rights era, a long list of people took part in actions that shaped America 's ideas of slavery and racism. Harriet Tubman was one of those people and her actions had a huge impact on the U.S. She contributed to the abolishment by leading thousands of slaves to freedom. Harriet Tubman was a Civil Rights rebel who was born into slavery, took a stand for the freedom of all people through the Underground Railroad, and left a lasting impact on freedom in America.
Harriet Tubman 's background heavily impacted her beliefs as an adult. Harriet Tubman was born around the year 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland. “She was the child of Benjamin Ross, and her mother, Harriet Greene. Her master 's name at the time was Edward Brodas” (Lesson). She was born into slavery and as soon as she could talk and walk, she was put to work. She worked as a house servant when only 6 years old and started to work on the fields at the age of 13 (ELibrary). Harriet was very uneducated and never learned to read or write. She learned to be strong and independent at a very young age because of the way she was treated by her parents and owner (Social Leaders). When Harriet entered her teen years, she refused to tie up a runaway slave when her owner ordered her to. Her disobedience angered her owner and he then threw a heavy weight

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