Black Veil Brides Album Analysis

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Wretched and Divine:The Story of the Wild Ones is the third studio album and the first concept album by one of my favourite bands, Black Veil Brides. Despite the album being released back in early 2013 and me not getting my copy of it until mid 2014 I’m still absolutely in love with almost every song on this album. I wasn’t much of a BVB fan back then, only hearing them being compared to Blood On The Dance Floor, but once I heard this album I fell in love and realised those comparisons were not true at all.
The album opens with Exordium, the first of five spoken word tracks on the disc. This track has Andy’s deep, raspy voice speaking about ‘the kingdom of God’ and how it can be found everywhere. Although this first track is 25 seconds of too much religion for me it flows
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This may have just been because I’m not a big fan of the band’s slower songs but either way I found myself skipping them after two or three plays.
All of the bands other songs on the album feature what I believe to be extraordinary guitar skills, exceptional drumming, and some amazing lyrics like ‘Take a look into the life you're leaving. I promise you this isn't pain you're feeling’ from Devil’s Choir and ‘before your life is over, know this to be true. All the hate we hold inside still won't save your youth’ from Days Are Numbered featuring Brett McCracken, the lead singer and songwriter of The Used.
This is definitely an album I recommend listening to in order the first couple of times so you can have truly understand the storyline as well as hear how the songs flawlessly move into each other.

I must admit this rating is incredibly biased considering BVB is one of my favourite bands however I wasn’t that into some of the songs. From a fan’s perspective I give this one…

My top 5 tracks from the album:
In The
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