Stereotypes Of Black Women Essay

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The stereotypical misrepresentations of African-American women and men in popular culture have influenced societal views of Blacks for centuries. The typical stereotypes about Black women range from the smiling, asexual and often obese Mammy to the promiscuous Jezebel who lures men with her sexual charms. However, the loud, smart mouthed, neck-rolling Black welfare mother is the popular image on reality television. The typical stereotype about Black men is the violent, misogynistic thug, and the ever-enduring pimp. These images portrayed in media and popular culture createpowerful ideology about race and gender, which affects daily experiences of Black women in America. With few healthy relationships portrayed in the media, Black women …show more content…

In other words, the media culture has a salient effect in determining social norms.

By presenting the edgy misogynist as the personification of black masculinity, the media sends out two messages. First, impressionable black adolescents, many of whom are surrounded by the violence and abuse glorified by

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