Blaming Gorbachev for the Collapse of the Soviet Union Essay

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Blaming Gorbachev for the Collapse of the Soviet Union

On December 5 1991 the Soviet Union was declared officially non-existent, radically changing the world’s economic and political environment. On the 10 February 1991 Heydar Aliyev spoke in Parliament warning of his anticipation that the Soviet Union was to collapse, “The Culprit to be blamed is Gorbachev”.

There is no doubt Gorbachev played a prominent role in the fall of communism in the USSR and the collapse of the USSR itself, as well as acquiring the responsibility for ending the Cold War, a major post-war tension. What I will endeavour to conclude in this essay is the extent to which Gorbachev was responsible for the USSR’s downfall …show more content…

Many new editors were employed and a lot of information of a great scale, 1920’s and 30’s truths of Stalin came out through new technology, embracing not only the printed media but also radio, television and all areas of creative art. Although Gorbachev had originally stated he would continue the political ways of his predecessors he was openly attacking Stalin. He believed no blank pages should be left, thus when the truth about Stalin had been unravelled the citizens then moved towards the investigation of Lennin. “In 1986 new editors were also brought in to run Moskovskie novosti (Moscow News), Literaturnaya gazeta, Izvestiya, and the influential journals Novy mir and Znamya” (Martin McCauley)

The Russian citizens were highly attentive when in 16 December1986 Gorbachev released the father of the atomic H-bomb from exile and later released political prisoners.

Gorbachev told the Central Committee who elected him that when the people are elected, “the more consciencely they act, the more actively they support the party” (Steven White). With the knowledge of the past- information to define the good and the bad actions of the Soviet Union he believed the people would make a concerted effort in restructuring the economy and participating in reforming their country.

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