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EXTRA CREDIT License Plate – VIAGRA Wife’s Name – Edna Car Color – Sunset Orange EXTRA CREDIT License Plate – VIAGRA Wife’s Name – Edna Car Color – Sunset Orange BLAW 200 – Study Guide Fall 2011 Strongest Laws (1) Weakest Laws (13) Strongest Laws (1) Weakest Laws (13) Deans List #1 – Sources of Law (pg.4) 1. Constitutions (+Charters) 2. Statute (+Ordinances) 3. Levels of Government 1. Federal 2. State 3. Local Levels of Government 4. Federal 5. State 6. Local Treaties – only STATE can produce 4. Case Law/Precedent/STARE DECISIS 5. Executive Orders 6. Administrative Rates & Regulations 7. Contracts 8. Levels of Branches 1. Legislative 2. Executive 3.…show more content…
When a legislature passes a statute, that statute ultimately is included in the federal code of laws or the relevant state code of laws. Statutory law also includes local Ordinances – statutes (laws, rules, or orders) passed by municipal or county governing units to govern matters not covered by federal or state law. Mainly have to do with city or county land use, building safety codes, and other matters affecting the local community. * Treaties – Only STATES can produce. It is a form of an expressed agreement under international law, namely sovereign states and international organizations. Also known as a covenant, convention, exchange of letters, (international) agreement and protocol. They are a loose term for contracts where both parties are assuming obligations and if one fails, they can be held liable. * Case Law/Precedent/STARE DECISIS – Case Law is the doctrines and principles announced in cases. It governs all areas not covered by statutory law or administrative law and is part of our common law tradition. A Precedent is a decision that furnished an example of authority for deciding subsequent cases involving identical or similar legal principles or facts. For example, when a judge is making a ruling on a case, the judge may refer back to a similar case to see what the previous ruling was to keep the result similar. Stare Decisis is the practice of this process, deciding new cases with reference

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