Blink And You 're Dead Essay

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Blink and you 're dead Chapter 1: The encounter It seemed to be another typical day. Windy, but warm. I honestly thought today couldn 't get interesting at all. Until I met Wisp and the angels. I was in the park, just sitting on the bench reading my book when I began to hear a strange whirring noise. I looked up from my book to see a what seemed to be a police box. It wasn 't there before... and this is Georgia! Not England. I saw the doors begin to open and I shoved my face back in my book. After about a minuet I heard footstep coming closer to me. I looked up to see a woman who seemed to be about 20 years old in front of me. She had short dark brown hair with a pink flower in it. She also wore a lab coat that seemed to be a bit large for her with a pair of glasses in a pocket and a pink scarf the same color as the flower. "Excuse me but... what year is it?" She asked me. "Um... 2016." I responded with a confused tone. Who was this lady and how does she not even know the year? "2016... quite a year if I do say so myself!" She said excitedly. "Well... thank you!" She then walked back to the Police Box. Suddenly I got the strange feeling of someone watching me. I never had had that feeling before until now. I quickly spun my head around to see an angel statue with an arm reaching towards me. Chapter 2: Don 't Blink "WHAT EVER YOU DO DON 'T BLINK!" I heard someone scream. "Just back up slowly and don 't look away! Even for a second... and don 't look at the eyes!" The
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