Essay On Civil War Chapter 1

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There I was right behind enemy lines, the files were right there. I made a dash for the files, swiftly and quietly. Out the door I sprinted, I desperately looking for an airplane. There one is I said with some relief. Once I started the airplane my cover was blow! I pulled up and barely got off the ground. I The germans started firing at me. I took evasive maneuvers dodging anti aircraft fire. I just barely flew out of their reach and from there, it would be a short flight from germany to france. I could imagine all the praise, thanks, and rewards I would get when I get home. I couldn’t exactly remember why the files are important but it was something about a classified german weapon. When I got home I was immediately arrested for …show more content…

After a day of planning it was night time. We got into the detective's car and drove around the outer parts of the city, since that's where all gothic churches were. It was dark and cold but definitely not stormy. Soon some fog rolled in it felt like we had been driving in circles. I could see how everyone thought the detective was mad he had what felt like split personalities. Of course I couldn’t question that now he was going to save my life but something was off. By the time I was done wondering we found the church. Careful not to make a sound we passed 2 guards on the outside. The church was on the verge of collapsing but yet it still stood, tall and old. As we entered it felt dark and grim like that feeling that something was wrong, like when you wake up from a nightmare and are paranoid from every little detail. Every time I turned a corner it felt like something was going to hop out at me. The wood boards creaked and the wind howeld. Hay haven't we passed this banner before, yah and that was the one we saw earlier too just around the corner. I was going insane, around every corner it was the same thing as the last. Until we finally saw something,.. Daylight! We ran as quickly as we could out until we were finally outside. There the car is we said with relief. Something about that place was weird something mystical like some ghostly being was watching us. We drove for a while and this time it was the real church we were sure of it. It was

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