Block City Book Analysis

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I chose two books that are about people, but have very different illustrations. The stories are different. The first book, Stuck is similar to There Once was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly where the boy has to put lots of objects up into the tree to get his kite unstuck. The second book, Block City is about a boy who builds a city of blocks using his imagination. The illustrations in the books are vastly different since you are looking at two different pictures of boys. The drawing types are different as the illustrator put their unique touch on the artwork in each book. The first book is called Stuck about a boy who got his kite stuck in a tree. This book’s illustrations are very simplistic. The boy, Floyd, has a dot for eyes and a line for his mouth. He has stringy hair and very thin, disproportionate body compared to his large head. The trees in the pictures are different colors such as blue, brown, and red. The boy himself changes colors throughout the book, and his colors do not have much relation to the story. For example on the words on one of the pages is “Then he had an idea, and went to find a saw.” The entire page is blue along with the boy and the light bulb. I would consider these illustrations to be naïve because they are realistic, but they don’t …show more content…

Both stories feature a boy as a main character. The books both use similar colors such as blues and greens. The colors create similar emotions of being sad at one in both stories. This is created by blue and gray colors in both books. 78Both books feature imagination. Block City is all about imagination and his city by the sea. An example for Stuck is when a firefighter comes to help, Floyd, and he imagines that the fire truck can fly and get the objects unstuck from the tree. There aren’t many similarities, but the illustrators do have a few similar

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