Blood Transfusion Should Not Be Banned From A Lighter Sentence

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On one hand, it can be said that Jadine Russell effectively killed herself by not accepting blood transfusion as it is against her religion to do so. On the other, she would not have had to make such a decision if it was not for the Keith Cook, who got in an accident with her while under the influence of alcohol. However, just as Russell may have lived if she was not faced with the choice of refusing the transfusion, Cook could have hit someone else who would not have died because they accepted the blood transfusion. At the end of the day Cook made the decision to drive drunk, something that is already against the law. Even though luck was not on Russell’s side, she should not have been “punished” by the wrongdoings of Cook. Although she could have saved herself by accepting the blood transfusion, as a jury member, I do not believe that her actions of exercising her religion should exempt Cook from a lighter sentence because she should not have been in the position of choosing religion over her life in the first place. Question 3 As First Lieutenant, I regretfully recommend that Billy Budd have to deal with the consequences of death. Although he is a valuable asset to the crew, at the end of the day, he struck a commanding officer. Other officers believed that he should be let go due to his moral character, work ethic and disability that made him strike Claggart. That being said, rules are rules and they were created for a reason. It is my duty to honor this uniform

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