Blood is Thicker than Water

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You’re having one of those days. You know what kind of day I mean. The one that seems like nothing can go right for you. You’ve fallen into a rut, and as you try to climb out, you just seem to keep falling further and further back in. And when you’re at the deepest and worst part of the rut, you just need to reach out and hear from somebody. You talk to the people that are nearest to you to get the support you need. Who is the person that you need to talk to? Is it a dear friend, a sibling, a parent? Why do you choose one over the other? Perhaps they are chosen simply because family is forever, or maybe that a caring friend can give more comfort than those you live with. What truly makes someone part of your family; the fact that you share their blood or because you’ve shared your best moments in life with them? The idea that your family is simply the people whose lives you were born into, is wrong. A family is something that every human creates with others, through their actions and emotions, and throughout their lifetime.
The definition of family must be broadened and specified, it is more than just a simple collection of people. It must be changed to fulfil those in life who are dissatisfied with their family, those who lack a family, and those who merely wish to expand their family. No matter who you are, every human being needs and deserves a family, throughout their life and as they pass on to the next. The family that you create during your lifetime will be the
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