Blossom Creek Documentation Paper

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We’ve all heard the saying, “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.” While it is an age old saying, it reveals one of the biggest issues within healthcare. The issue is not just proper and accurate documentation, but having a documentation that can keep up with the rapidly shifting and changing landscape that is healthcare. “Documentation is critical for patient care, not only because it validates the care that was provided, but also because it shares key data with subsequent caregivers and optimizes claims processing.” (Recognizing the Value of Clinical Documentation Improvement, 2014).
The current documentation system at Blossom Creek is desperately in need of replacement. Currently, all documentation is done through the use of various paper forms and after being filed out and reviewed by the proper management staff members, the forms are put into an alphabetized
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Unfortunately, with five medication aides and two managers all doing filing, records often get misplaced, whether they are put in the wrong section of the expand-a-file, filed under the wrong section of a resident’s binder or accidently get deposited into the secure shredding container. The implementation of a new health documentation system would be a marked improvement to the current system. When developing a new information technology system such as a health documentation system, a team will work through a series of steps “in order to conceptualize, analyze, design, construct and implement a new information technology system”. (Morris, 2009). Traditionally, there were five phases to developing a new system, but it has been found that having seven phases can provide analysts and developers create a system that can more precisely meet the needs of a company. The stages include: planning, systems analysis, systems design, development, testing, implementation and
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