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3. Aiken, L.H., Sermeus, W., Van den Heede,K., Sloane D.M., Busse, R., Mckee, M... Kutney Lee, A. (2012). Patient safety, satisfaction, and quality of hospital care: Cross sectional surveys of nurses and patients in 12 countries in Europe and the United States. BMJ, 344. Retrieved from

The BMJ, formerly known as the British Medical Journal, is a peer reviewed medical journal with records dating back to 1840. The BMJ follows guidelines produced by the World Association of Medical Editors. They reviewed a study done in 2010 that focused on quality of hospital care and worker care. The study showed that the higher the nurse to patient ratio, the lower overall patient care and patient satisfaction. Spain had …show more content…

Approximately 98% of Spaniards use the public healthcare system. Non-profit-making non private sectors play a key role within the Spanish insurance companies. These sectors focus on care for work related injuries and diseases. The funds come from the National Social Insurance Treasury which is funded on employers’ contributions through taxes. Essentially, every individual working and paying into the system qualifies for health insurance. The social insurance mutual funds help relieve financial hardship for individuals who have temporary disabilities. Profit- making insurance companies have a minor influence amongst the Spanish population. Their business relies on publicly funded mutual funds which cater individuals in governmental departments. Private voluntary schemes cover approximately 13% of the populations. It is noted that buying private insurance does not mean opting out of or being independent of the public system but the purchase offers complementary coverage which allows individuals to gain access to services faster such as specialist care. Dental insurance is also covered in the private insurance option where it is not covered in the public policy. Because Spain has public coverage wait times tend to be longer which is the reason why private insurance is appealing. The World Health organization sponsored this documentation. WHO is a specialized agency in the United Nations that

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