Boasting In Beowulf

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Why does Beowulf boast? Beowulf boasts because he believes he is more powerful and more valuable than the rest of the people. When Unferth told Beowulf that he boasts about things he shouldn't, Beowulf defends himself by continuing boasting. He goes on to say that the things he does are difficult for the average and he is stronger than given credit for. He says this when he says that the simple truth is that “no man swims in the sea as I can.” He takes one of his powerful qualities and rubs it into the people's faces. He continues to describe all the powerful things he did in the sea, he states that he put his life at stake when he entered the sea. He swam with a sword and was ready at any moment to fight off a whale, shark, or any other sea creature. He boasts that even when a monster did manage to catch him and take him to the bottom of the sea, he was wise enough to stab the monster in the heart on his first try. He continues to brag about how he was capable of killing nine sea monsters. Beowulf is very self-centered and proud of his accomplishments and he believes everyone else should be too.
How is boasting viewed in Beowulf’s day?
In Beowulf’s time period, boasting was viewed very differently than the way boasting is viewed in society today. In present day, boasting and bragging is considered rude, intolerable, disrespectful, and selfish. In the time setting of Beowulf, boasting was not as negatively looked upon as it is today. Boasting was how a warrior was able to

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