Bob's Monologue

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He was young, vibrant and intelligent. A son any parent would be proud of, he excelled at most everything he did. A senior in high school, 2 short months away from graduation, Bo was very involved with his youth group at church. He was also active actor in the high school and local theater, president of the Thespian Troupe and a member of the Varsity Choir. Bo met no strangers. He was always smiling, had hugs for everyone and always said “I love you” to anyone who had ever been a friend. His energy and charisma were contagious. March 17, 2017 was no different. It was a normal school day for Bo. At lunch he was laughing and roughhousing with the school resource officer. Later that day, he and his best friend Belle made plans for their upcoming performance at senior night. After school that day, Bo went home and was on the phone with his girlfriend when he fatally shot himself in the chest. I don’t believe Bo knew earlier in the day that it would be his last. He and his girlfriend were having relationship problems and, in an instant, Bo decided to impulsively end his life. What if things had been different? What if there was no gun in the house? What if Bo’s ability to act on that impulsive thought at that moment hadn’t been readily accessible? As a community we can make a huge impact on decreasing teenage suicide by simply practicing gun safety.
Sayde was a beautiful girl. She had been dating the same boy, Dylan, for quite some time. She
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The organization was tasked with establishing goals and objectives to prevent suicide across the nation (“Goals and Objectives” 1). Though the initiatives the National Strategy of Suicide Prevention set in place may be effective, suicide rates continue to climb amongst
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