Bodily Products Should Not Be Marketable

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Organs play an important role in the functioning of the human body. We are born with them, and they work throughout our lives to keep us alive and well. Some people aren’t so lucky and may have an organ dysfunction or health issue that requires them to get an organ transplant. In this case, a donor whose tissue cells match the recipient’s must be the one to donate. However, this process could take from a few days to a few years since there are many people on the waiting list. This provokes the controversial topic of legalization of compensation for organs. Bodily products should not be marketable because it is immoral and possibly even dangerous. Organs were given to us when we came to life. We should give them to others as they were given to us. Why should anyone have to pay for something that can be given freely? If an organ is available, it should go to the person who needs it the most. No one should have to worry about the cost of it. Donating an organ can save a life. If someone cannot afford to pay for an organ, are we supposed to just let him or her die? That is not morally right. While the government plans to save more lives by legalizing payment for organs, it won’t necessarily work out that way. According to the National Kidney Foundation, 92% of families who turned down donating organs of their deceased loved ones said they still would not have donated even if they received payment in return (237). This goes to show that even with money involved, most people

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