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  • The Development Of The Kidneys

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    The embryological development of the kidneys occurs in three successive phases: the pronephros, the mesonephros, and the metanephros. Because of the nature in this development, there are many forms of congenital abnormalities associated with the kidneys. Because of their close developmental association, there is also a complex relationship between the reproductive system and the urinary system. During the pronephros phase in foetal development, by day 22, the intermediate mesoderm (identified lateral

  • Waiting for a Kidney

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    Waiting for a Kidney In the United States there are 122,365 people waiting for organs to be donated; of those 100,218, are waiting for a kidney transplant. The transplant list is so long that some patients wait up to 10 years to receive a kidney. These patients wait in agony for a kidney they may never receive. An article by Barbara Mantel affirms that the most common reasons for kidney transplant include: Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, kidney stones, Inherited Kidney disease, and inflammatory

  • Kidney

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    CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE NSG 4055: Illness & Disease Management across Life Span Susan McCoy LaTonya Brown June 24, 2014 Chronic Renal Disease impacts many Americans life in the United States. “We estimate that more than 20 million people may have CKD, of varying levels of seriousness” (CDC, 2014). The chances of having Kidney Disease increase with age and is common in adults over age 70 because the kidney functions decrease. Kidney Disease affects the body ion so many different ways it

  • Kidney Dialysis

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    Kidney Dialysis There are a few options when it comes to dialysis. Depending on your diagnosis you may have the option of peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis. With these two treatments you have the option of completing the treatment either in a center or at home if you are able to learn how to treat yourself through training. Peritoneal dialysis cleanses your blood of waste products when your kidneys can no longer take on the task adequately. This can be caused by diabetes, high blood pressure

  • The Vertebrate Kidney

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    1.1 Introduction The vertebrate kidney is an important organ that serves vital roles in waste excretion, osmoregulation, metabolites reabsorption, maintenance of acid-base balance and even hormone secretion. Nephron is the basic functional unit of a kidney which consists of a blood filter (the glomerulus) and renal tubules that joins to a collecting duct. Nephron filters blood plasma and the filtrate is further modified and refined in the tubules via selective solute reabsorption and secretion.

  • Cash For Kidneys Analysis

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    their article: Cash for Kidneys: A Case for the Market of Organs, show many different perspectives in both fact and opinion on the topic of Kidney transplants.  The amount of kidney transplants in 2012 greatly differ from a decade ago as the average wait time for a transplant has increased by 1.6 years and the amount of American Citizens needing a transplant has risen by 41,000 people.  Today, the demand for a kidney transplant far exceeds the supply of matching donor kidneys.  With four main blood

  • Swollen Kidneys Essay

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    The Case of the Man with the Swollen Kidneys Mr. Newman is a 49 year old male who has hematuria, fever and severe flank pain. He also has bilateral lumbar tenderness, bilateral renal enlargement, liver enlargement, ankle and facial edema, skin pallor, and lung sounds suggest pulmonary edema. His vital signs are as follows: BP 172/100, heart rate 92 beats per minute, and a temperature of 102.2 F. There have been some labs done. His red blood count is 3.1 million cells, white blood count is 22

  • Kidney Cancer Essay

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    Pathophysiology: Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, each about the size of your fist. They're located behind your abdominal organs, one on each side of your spine. Like other major organs in the body, the kidneys can sometimes develop cancer. Your kidneys are part of the urinary system, which removes waste and excess fluid and electrolytes from your blood, controls the production of red blood cells, and regulates your blood pressure. Inside each kidney are more than a million small filtering

  • Causes And Treatment Of A Kidney

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    Pyelonephritis As kidney is one of the very important organ of the body, its dysfunction may result in the fatal consequences. Unlike any other disruption to the kidney, Pyelonephritis may introduce some serious problem to the elderly. It is an inflammation of the kidney. Though this disease is not prone to old people, most chronic cases occur in people over 60 years of age. Severe cases of pyelonephritis can lead to pyonephrosis (accumulation of purulent material around the affected kidney), systematic

  • Kidney Dissection Paper

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    lab report the main objective where to be able to Method Firstly the kidney parts such as the ureter, renal artery and renal vein were examined. Next kidney got cut perpendicular to the long axis to be able to reveal the internal structure and parts. This kidney was cut open by a medical grade scalpel and scissor. Materials/ equipment used; • Medical scalpel • Medical scissors • Medical tweezers • Wooden board to put the kidney on and to be able to carry the work out • Lab coat • Safety glasses