Body Cameras On The Right Way

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Do you think cops do their job the right way? Do you think cops could do their job better? In recent years more and more police brutalities have occurred from the death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL on 2012 to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO on 2014. Many people now do not respect or trust the cops anymore because of the way that cops have been doing their job. What is one way that the cops can gain the respect of the people again. What is one tool that could help capture what a cop does on duty. Body cameras on cops should be enforced in America because the camera can prove which person is innocent and which person is guilty in a court of law, body cameras offer a safer community, and it keeps the cop accountable of the …show more content…

They can help make sure that any information given from the officers is correct and not incorrect. They can get the full truth in a report given by an officer. With body cameras you can compare the report to the video footage. Body cameras are a very useful tool in the world today.
Evidence is very important in a case. So what is the best way to get true evidence? Body cams can help find the evidence that is needed for a case. This way evidence can always be 100% correct. Andy Hoover said “Video provided critical evidence in the Hummelstown case and in the shooting death of Walter Scott in North Charleston, S.C., in which officer Michael Slager has been charged with homicide.”. This is proof of the positive effect that body cameras have on the community. If body cameras were not used in this case, the officer could have not be charged with nothing. Evidence is very helpful when it is correct. “Captain De Anda says the footage has been useful as evidence during prosecution, and that the presence of the cameras seems to serve as a check on inappropriate behavior by both police and citizens. In addition, he says, it 's already served as a protection for officers accused of excessive force.” says Amanda Paulson who lives in Ferguson where the death of Michael Brown occurred.
The presence of body cameras make the community that they are in a safer and better place. Body cams can make

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