Body Image Project Examples

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In health class, we have been discussing body image, and what we think of ourselves, resulting in us doing a project on how we perceive ourselves on the outside, and how we really feel on the inside. Doing this project has helped me learn more about the way I care and depend on my friends, family members, and entertainment from media, all just from pasting some photos onto a cardboard box. On the outside of my box, I put a wide variety of words and images, such as people I relish, family members, meaningful friendships, my passions, and just about everything else someone sees in me when they get to know me. For example, I stuck a picture that includes my most important friends that always keep me company, and gives me a reason to smile. They're the people I talk to everyday, the ones I hang out with at school, and I'd probably be a very boring person without them. I also pasted a very diverse choice of photos of people I adore, like Shawn Mendes, and the cast from the tv show "The 100". I adore these people for their unlimited amount of talent, and because of the enjoyment and happiness they bring me when I watch them in tv shows, or live in concerts. More photos that I put on my box is images of my …show more content…

The reason why I put these photos onto my shoe box is because they play an immense role in my life, such as the fact that they are always with me through the good and the

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