Body Language: Why Are Body Languages Important?

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Why are body languages important? In the art of public speaking, some argue that body languages and gestures are equally, if not more important than the actual speaking. Although the content itself lies inside the speech given by the speaker, how the speaker conveys their point through their body language and gesture can mean the difference between having the audience actually paying attention or having them busy with themselves. Essentially, a person’s body language is as what the term suggests, the language given through their body and the little gestures that they do. These little gestures may very well be something as simple as maintaining eye contact, moving place to place, waving their hands, and so on. Aside from the frequent use of body language as a means to signify the distinction between each segment of a presentation, it also provides a decent overview as to what kind of person the speaker is, serving as an insight for the listeners to decide whether it is worth their time to listen. Things such as body posture, position of the hands, …show more content…

Not only does this help loosen up your nerves such that you won’t feel as tense, it also gives all of the audience a chance to establish eye contact. It is very important to note that having eye contact while speaking delivers a certain message to the audience that is how the speaker is confident in what he or she is saying. Eye contact also helps in keeping the audience’s attention to the speaker. This is especially true in long, drawn out speeches and other circumstances where the speaker is required to speak over an extensive duration of time. Keeping the eyes rolling about not only shows the audience how the speaker also pays attention to the audience, it is also the cornerstone to maintaining a connection between speaker and listener without piling up too much anxiety from a constant gaze from one

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