Body Love By Shannon Mather

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Picture a line of tall slim models clad in lingerie with the slogan “The Perfect Body”. This was a tagline of a Victoria’s Secret ad campaign (Bahadur, 2014). Every day we are bombarded with messages of inadequacy and feelings of insecurity. Body Love –a dance piece choreographed by Shannon Mather and performed by the Mather Dance company – sends a strong message in support of self-love and acceptance in a sea of self-doubt and body anxiety. This message can be found in the many layers that make up the piece: not only in the overall performance, but in the selected song and choreography themselves. Looking at each of these components both individually and together as a whole, it will become evident that Body Love is an empowering work that …show more content…

In the realm of competition dance, many choreographers would take this piece of music and create a piece that was filled with jumps, spins, and other tricks. As typical to many other works choreographed by Shannon Mather, Body Love goes a completely different route creating a piece that is more about the artistry and less about how flexible or how many turns a dancer can do. Mather makes a strong choice in not using miming aspects in her choreography instead allowing the emotion rather than the words to influence her choreography. There are specific instances where certain words are physically embodied, but they are few and far between, which makes them much more powerful when they do occur. The choreography follows the roadmap written by the music, having sections of slower, calmer, choreography, and sections that are more frantic and emotional when building up to the climax of the piece – which leads to the beautifully simplistic ending of everyone grabbing hold and supporting one another. The choreography also heavily relies on teamwork between the dancers as they are constantly working with each other, intertwining their limbs with other dancers or throwing themselves across the stage. These dancers must literally trust their bodies and those of their fellow dancers to perform many of the complex and athletic aspects of this piece. With that, the choreography works synergistically with the music with neither overpowering the other, instead having both work in total harmony to encourage individuals to love themselves and their

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