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Boeing 767 Case Study Questions 1. How would you describe Boeing’s approach to project management? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Boeing adopts a very thorough, well planned out process to manage the project. The stages are defined clearly and tasks involved in each stage are carried out sequentially. The first stage of their approach is the project definition phase during which Boeing identified holes in the market not met by existing planes, assessed future airline needs, considered alternative plane configurations, explored feasibility of possible technologies and performed preliminary estimation of costs. During the market assessment, analysts gathered information regarding future needs of airlines by speaking directly to …show more content…

Boeing had a clear project scope and put emphasis on airline needs (directly speaking with major airlines) prior to the design process. An auditing team is developed to further monitor each major step and make sure that each task is carried out properly; Boeing is smart enough to pick experienced managers who thoroughly understand how this industry/company operates as auditors so the review process can be carried out more efficiently and accurately. During the plane design process, there are four head engineers responsible for four technological areas and one chief engineer in charge of the plane program. The former is more concern about the technical aspects of the project while the latter is more concerned about practical aspects such as costs and scheduling; such approach is desirable so that people involved in the project don’t get too caught up in one particular area. Rapid communication between some of the foreign participants and Boeing is emphasized greatly as there is a private telephone network connecting Boeing to each participant. During the final stages of the project, meetings are held frequently so that the teams can receive early notification to catch and solve problems sooner. However, there exist some weaknesses of the process. Firstly, since some program participants are in different countries and certain parts are assembled in different countries,

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