Bombing Of Oklahoma City Bombing

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Oklahoma City Bombing
Bombing On The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
In Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building was nearly destroyed from a nearby bomb. This bombing was the worst terrorist attack in the United States, before the nine-eleven attack in 2001. The bomb was contained in a rental truck, which was placed there by Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh then parked the truck on the north side of the Alfred P. Murrah building. At 9:02 A.M. the bomb went off, causing massive damage to the north side of the building and three hundred other surrounding buildings in the blast zone. The bombing had took 168 lives, 19 of those lives were children from the daycare inside the building.
THE SUSPECTS Timothy McVeigh The main suspect of the Oklahoma City Bombing was Timothy McVeigh. In 1988 McVeigh was sent off into the military and was put in Operation Desert Storm, and in 1991, he was discharged. “He became internationally known when he was charged with the bombing of the Alfred p. Murrah US government building in Oklahoma City In 1995, in which 168 people died.” (Timothy McVeigh) McVeigh served a trial in Denver in 1997, and the jury of the trial found guilty. McVeigh was then charged with conspiracy and murder. He was then put on death row.
Terry Nichols The second suspect of the Oklahoma City Bombing was Terry Nichols, who had helped McVeigh plan the bombing. He had met McVeigh in the military and they were both discharged at

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