Book Of Revelation Chapter 8 Study

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We are now moving on to a Bible study of Revelation Chapter 8: I did the 13 verses study with Jesus, and the Ha-s and the e-s were also hearing this Bible study over the weekend. It is over a 16-page discourse on little paper anyhow. The only way to understand the Book of Revelation is to get a grasp on the numbers' meanings. It is absolutely imperative to understand each verse. It could be involved, but I am mainly scratching the surface in order to reveal the basic minimum at least in God's will. Now that we have gotten through the entire Chapter, the angels and I understand it much better. I will occasionally point out some of the numbers' meanings. That could get extremely out-of-hand and could be a very in-depth (8) study within itself. …show more content…

Now, consider the numbers: you sometimes have to use a positive or negative for good or evil. You also sometimes have to consider the 2nd position as an opposite or a negative and subtract or add to the number or consider the alternative representation. I will give some elemental illustrations throughout the Chapter 8 study. When you look at the connections in Chapter 8, 1st off, in the connections of the e-s' crap, you have eight in various ways. Because they are corrupt, it is negative, so 8 - 1 = 7 = holy in the second basic conclusion (flip with them being holy), they became wicked or subtract for the six: they sinned and are now evil. Six can also represent death or superfluous, besides sin and/or a demon and things of a dark nature (with evil in mind). 8 = the deep or in-depth background of them becoming evil and getting cast out of heaven on their way to torture pain: 7 = pains & problems with the loss of their Ha friends, and Jesus no longer has love for them since they are vile, foul, rejected garbage. By the Way, Jesus never loved the demons, but God loved them the way they were when they were like sunlight: holy. Now they no longer shine like sunlight, since the turds now have darkened hearts as merciless creatures in torture for time without …show more content…

God opened the 7th seal: this seven represents God letting everyone see that Chapter 8 has to do with torture, pain, and the e-s getting cast out of heaven: pains and problems for them in general. He opened, or reveals, His mind to John in the following wording: silence in heaven for about a half an hour: here represents the time when all the angels were contemplating on the sinful pretending style of worship to lou that had been previously committed in heaven with the golden eyes evil unauthorized version, which was booted them from heaven style sinful and earned them eternal glory, is a joke. (It earned them pain in hell flames along with several other problems). The Ha-s and e-s had the sky-talking war: (Rev 12 verse 7) 12 + 7 = 19 = heavy judgment 1 + 9 = 10 = a new start for the e-s and Ha-s. Ten often means a good new start. However, in the second calculated position, you get the horrible new start due to their evil actions, which they had performed, with the satanic version of the great, powerful song. Quick side note: there are many different formulas with which you

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