Book Report : Raven Searched The Bookstore For Something New

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Raven searched the bookstore for something new, for something that she had never seen or read before. The shelves were a familiar dark oak and they held books, both new and old. Her eyes scanned the aisles for a good read. She didn’t know what she wanted to read, but she wanted something. Rummaging through her backpack she took out her little wallet. Her hands felt one flimsy worn out five dollar bill, so she turned to leave the store. But at the back of the store there was a bargain corner. When she walked towards it, the bin was full of comic books. She saw that they were slightly damaged, pre-owned probably, but it didn’t bother her. The sign above them said "99 cents!" She started digging through the messy pile of comics trying to look for one that seemed appealing. All the names sounded familiar, and she 'd seen a couple of TV shows, but had never bothered to read the comics.
After searching through the mess for what seemed like hours, Raven had settled on a Batman comic. She wasn’t sure what series it was from, but in the corner it said that it was the first one. As long as it wasn’t starting from the middle of the series, she was content with her choice. After heading home, she laid down on her bed and got to reading. She couldn’t count how many times she had to pull the comic from her view, as she became overwhelmed with sadness as she’d read Batman’s backstory. She had heard about his childhood before and about his parents, who hadn’t? But something about the…
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