Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See

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“In August 1944 the historic walled city of Saint Malo, the brightest jewel of the Emerald Coast of Brittany, France, was almost totally destroyed by fire.” ( “Burning of Saint Malo”, para. 1) The book, All The Light We Cannot See, follows two main characters, Marie-Laure and Werner.
Marie-Laure is a blind French girl, and Werner is a German boy forced into nazism. The novel All The Light We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr is both an accurate and inaccurate depiction of the food rationing, fear of looting, Internment, and the condition of Saint Malo in World War II.

The food rationing, and fear of looting put tension on the families who lived in Saint Malo. “The Americans thought there were thousands of Nazis defending St-Malo. They didn’t believe two brave citizens who crossed the lines to tell them there were only seventy. And the hundreds of residents who had not evacuated.” Marie-Laure, who is living in Saint-Malo, tells the reader that all of the Germans are sleeping in a single hotel, the Hotel of Bees. (“St-Malo, France”, 2015, para. 4). Which reveals the small number of Nazis who actually occupied Saint-Malo. The French residents felt that …show more content…

Colonel Andreas von Aulock, the Nazi in charge of defending Saint Malo from the Allies, had decided to round up every man from age 16 to 60 years old, and stick them in Fort National. He did this because of a fight between Germans, and the German Sailors, who he was told that the terrorists started. “Another German act was the rounding up of all the men between 16 and 60 in the city for internment at the Fort National…” The novel represents an accurate portrayal of this act, when Etienne is taken away. (“Burning of Saint Malo”, para. 13). “The uncle didn’t have it when the sent him to Fort National.” (Doerr, 2014 pg. 382) Yet another example of the historical accuracy of this

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