Book Review : An Analysis Of 'Hidden Intellectualism'

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What is the difference between “street smarts” and “book smarts”? Why do students get bored easily while writing essays? When I was in middle school, I always wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with others. The school environment did not provide me with good education system or school materials. I was required to do the same thing for the entire semester. When I tried to speak up, my teacher would stop me and say: “we are not going to change the school system just because you want to, we have been using the same teaching methods for many years.” Although, I did not stop doing what I enjoyed, I continued writing about fashion and beauty. While, I was forced to keep my intelligence to myself and hide it from everyone. I had a proficient writing skill, I was self-confident and I had a supportive family. My parents encouraged me to never stop doing what I liked, this was the reason that made me keep moving forward. In the same way, I felt there was a strong connection between me and the author since we had been in the same situation. In the “Hidden Intellectualism”, the essay is an excerpt from Graff’s book that published in 2003, Clueless in Academe: How Schooling Obscures the Life of the Mind. The purpose of the essay is to change the way the education system has been set up and never been changed since then. Graff claims that the best way to improve the education for “street smarts” is to provide them topics that interest their knowledge to help them apply it to the

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