A Students Guide to Liberal Learning by James V. Schall

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In James V, Schall’s A Students Guide to Liberal Learning, he addresses the idea and importance of an authentic liberal arts education. Schall inquires about books and scholars of which centralize around the idea of a liberal education and of which has shaped our society. Schall examines the works of several authors who are in his opinion the guides to learning, and his essay serves as a fundamental building block for the creation of a “Personal Library”. This essay Schall wrote is simily a complex version of the book he wrote in 1988 “Another Sort of Learning”. In the essay he makes a point stating “Just because someone is smart, does not mean he is wise” (pg.2) and that we need to remember that the “objection to the “intellectual” is not that he uses his brain, but that he uses it wrongly.” (pg.2). Most in my opinion would agree with this statement, in the sense of “street smarts” and “book smarts”, just because you’re book smart does not mean you’re street smart, and just because you’re street smart, does not mean you’re book smart; almost in the same sense of being smart and wise. The idea of an intellectual human being is one that can obtain knowledge in a complex order, therefore Schall states that one who is not intellectual just uses their brains incorrectly, but how can one use their brain wrong? Everyone has a different though process and a way of interpreting things? However by the power of the definition of “intellect”, he is in everyway correct that one who

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