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I have never considered that a book about a dog could be so appealing and full of deep thoughts. But I changed my viewpoint after reading the autobiographical novel “Marley & Me” written by John Grogan which depicts an astonishing story about the neurotic and loyal, clumsy and loving dog named Marley. In fact, as the author mentioned in some interviews, he intended to write the “dog story”, but soon after he realized that it was impossible to do so without including the family life [2]. That is why the title “Marley & Me” encapsulates the main topic of the book such as the relationship between a human and a pet. To start with let me introduce main characters: John, Jenny, and Marley. John and Jenny, newlywed couple began their family life…show more content…
First of all, Marley in spite of his loopy character had a loving heart. He always had been with people who need help. For instance, he shared Jenny’s grief when she lost her first baby during the pregnancy. During the next pregnancy, when Jenny had to remain in the bed for the whole month because of the early-arrival risk of the new baby, Marley again had been her companion making her boring days brighter. Finally, each time Marley easily accepted the Jenny and John’s new babies when they arrived from the hospital. As they grew, Marley became their best friend. It seemed like the dog understood that they were little humans whom he had to protect. Lately, Marley showed unexpected guarding characteristics when John rushed to help some girl who was stabbed near his house. Somehow the dog itself understood the danger of the situation and transformed into a “completely different dog”. Because of crimes around the neighborhood, John worried for the safety of his growing son Patrick and his pregnant wife. They started to appreciate the big dog being in the house. Even though Marley was harmless, his presence made them feel secure. Nevertheless, John admitted that teaching the “master-beast” basics to the dog was necessary in their relationship. Reading the book, I understood how it’s hard to have patience when a dog doesn’t obey the master’s commands. On the other hand, if a person loves dogs, he will forgive the chewed leather shoes and shredded furniture.
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