Book Review and Reflection

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Book Review and Reflection on “The One Minute Manager” Group Process in Supervision EDAD 511 October, 23 2008 I chose “The One Minute Manage” because it looked like a short read and it appeared that it was going to generalize hundreds of different type of management theories into a few pages. This is a short, well written book explaining the fundamentals of management: make sure your staff member knows what they are to do, praise them if they do it, reprimand them if they don 't, and to have a training plan to make sure they develop into better, more productive employees. The story is of a young man seeking the answer to the question, “what is the one minute manager?” Also, the interviewer wants to know why is this region of…show more content…
In their mission for a happy working environment and a positive, friendly working relationship with their staff they are afraid and unwilling to make any objective and constructive criticism. The One Minute Manager points out that it is just as important for staff to get clear messages about the attitudes and behaviors that you don’t want them to repeat as the ones that you do. The secret, of course, is the way in which you do it. A very useful tip is their idea of “feed forward” rather than “feed back”. In other words, don’t dwell on what was wrong with their past work or efforts but focus on what you would like them to do and to be confident that they can do so in the future. In many aspects of business and personal life there’s no such thing as a given or a sure thing. It’s a given that organizations should be helpful when dealing with customers, but they don’t always do it. It’s a given that employees should be adequately trained to do their job, but it doesn’t always happen. Of course it’s a really basic management principle that employees’ desirable behavior should be re-enforced through recognition and praise. Where as work or attitudes less desirable to the organization should be pointed out and corrected. Fundamental yes. Generally implemented? No! As a School Business Administrator I can easily refer to this book as a simplified resource manual for managing. It takes into consideration the needs of both the
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