Book Review of Jim Collins' 'Good to Great'

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The author manages to show the different sides of philosophical sides which also attracted a lot of criticisms that tend to examine the significant implications of the book in determining the future of an organization. The impression that the book received is derived n particular about the author's idea about the leadership and the position of the organizations within the industry and the greatness of an organization in the midst of competitive environment. Despite of the number of criticism it received, there still a good point that the book delivers for its readers.
This paper intended to develop an argumentative research regarding the teachings of Collins' book "Good to Great". In order to recapitulate the ideas involved in the research, there are objectives that need to consider. First, is to examine the philosophical assumptions involved and underpin with the research and methodology established in the book of Collins. Second is to explain the practical significance of the assumptions and their effect on the research's applicability. Third is to relate the assumptions and research methodology to the readings, including different observations on…

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