Book Summary: The Mockingjay By Susa Susan Collins

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Katniss Everdeen, the main character, is recovering from the quarter quell. She is being told by Gale that district 12 was blown up. When the went there, she was shocked. Katniss gathered all of the cherished belongings and then went to district eight. President Snow bombed a hospital and other places around it. Katniss saw how many people were suffering from diseases and death. Katniss, Gale and their crew team were walking around until the capital finds them. As they try to hit Katniss, they miss and hit the hospital. Katniss was thinking why Snow was doing this. She saw Peeta when he was giving a propo and warns district 13 that Snow is going to bomb them. They take cover in the lowest level, but Katniss can not find Prim. Would you like to know what happens next?…show more content…
She made the book sound real but it was fictional. She attracted my attention very quickly. The Mockingjay is a book that I could read over and over again. I liked the book more than I liked the movie. It was very entertaining and violent. I recommend this book the teenagers and adults because it is violent and has some explicit language. As you read, you will decide if you are on the capitol’s side or the rebel’s side. May the odds be ever in your
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