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The first thing most young readers will notice about the novel, The Book Thief, written by Markus Zusak is its thickness. This book is made up of 550 compelling yet devastatingly sad pages. This book may be hard to read for some people as it is a story about a young girl and her family during the time of Nazi Germany. Although this is a sensitive topic for many, Markus found a way to creatively allow it to be tolerable for everyone. The book is so intense that it is actually narrated by Death. I personally did not pick up on this concept that Death was the narrator. I was actually told by a couple of friends, and ended up appreciating that they had told me. This concept may be hard for less observant readers to pick up on, but it is a big …show more content…

Her thievery begins when she steals her first book at her brother’s funeral shortly before she arrives at the Hubermann’s. The book is titled “The Grave Digger’s Handbook,”-fitting for a funeral. The thievery would continue throughout the story, and she would learn to read and write because of them. Her love for books helped her cope with her losses but sometimes sidetracked her in school. Books took everything off of her mind. She would continue to steal books, and once she had built a relationship with the mayor’s wife, she capitalized on that as well, stealing from her library. Reading had built her relationships, and had conforted her along with many other families and people on Himmel Street. In times of terror, when the town was bombed, she began to read to the families in the bomb shelters. This eventually benefitted her family when she is asked to read a weekly chapter to the neighbor Frau Holtzapfel, and receiving coffee beans in return. Frau Holtzapfel is also dealing with a loss as one of her sons who is in the army died in combat. Her love for reading seems to be what keeps her going and helps her appreciate the new life she was given. Her thievery does go beyond books, as she and her best friend Rudy (who actually has a crush on Liesel), join a thievery group that steals food. This was a move of desperation for when times got really tough and food and money got tight. Her true love for thievery was always and will always be connected to

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