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Bookkeepers vs Professional Accountants

Many bookkeepers in our world today define themselves as accountants, but what is the difference between a Professional Accountant and a Bookkeeper? This essay aims discuss and examine the relationship between each of the occupations, examine the differences that sets the two occupations apart and then explore what makes an accountant a professional in today’s world. Comments made by third parties will be looked at in depth in order to reach a fair conclusion.

Bookkeepers today have an important but restricted role in the business world. Their main role is to record the financial transactions of a business. As a bookkeeper, you will be employed to sustain all the ledger accounts, and …show more content…

However, if you are a qualified accountant, there are many different sectors in which you can enter into. shows the many different roles within the accounting profession, these include; “tax accountancy, external audit, internal audit, corporate finance and management accountancy”. Each role differs greatly from another however all are classed under the profession of Accounting.

There are many varieties of personalities within accounting which makes it hard to generalise, but there are fundamental personal & professional qualities that are essential for success within the profession. To begin with, ACCA paper F1 2008 (p94) states the 5 personal qualities as; “Reliability, Responsibility, Timeliness, Courtesy and Respect”. These are very important as accountants work with people from all walks of life and it is essential that they gain the trust of their client . To be a reliable accountant, you would have to ensure that your work was up to professional standards and completed before deadlines. To be a responsible in the profession, you must take ownership of your own work and take fault if anything happens to it. Timeliness speaks for itself as it requires excellent time keeping whether it be showing up on time for work or meeting deadlines. The final personal qualities are to have courtesy and

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