Books: A Long Way Gone and The Bite of the Mango

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Disability is a parent in disguised that nurtures and fosters a child through sometimes crippling but always meaningful pain. One's impairment guides him or her to independently to fend for life's basic necessities. Much like a parent, it is responsible for a person's physical, emotional, and mental development. The novels The Bite of the Mango and A long Way Gone narrate two different children's traumatic experiences during the Sierra Leone's Civil War and its aftermath. In the two books, disabilities are generally perceived as negative. Nevertheless, both autobiographies illustrate how a girl's and a boy's contrasting disabilities raised them to mature at a younger age without their parent's guidance. Both The Bite of the Mango and A…show more content…
Beah was only left a minor wound that still enables him to accomplish life's daily tasks. However, Kamara's physical disability greatly impacts her whole life. Both of Kamara's hands were amputated by the rebel soldiers and to live with no hands is a struggling feat to overcome. The article, " In Our Own Words", discusses Patrick Lahai's physical disability and concludes how he is able to accomplish educational goals with the strengths of determination. Laisai stated: I have learned to use my arm and now I can use it to do almost everything for myself. I finished school and have started a computer course. I accepted my disability because the amputation has already been done, so there is no way that I can go away from it. Since this thing happened to me, life has not been easy but I thank God because people love and encourage me (qtd. in Kumar 1). Similar to many Sierra Leone citizens who are physically disabled, Kamara must relearn how to perform the daily duties without her hands. Also at a very young age, the lack of money has pushed Beah and Kamara to creatively make their own living to survive. Financial disability forces Beah and Kamara to independently earn their living ( what made Kamara stronger). Both characters achieved different methods of making a living. In A Long Way Gone, Beah sells off school supplies in return for money, whereas Kamara begs on the city streets. Financial disability has made

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