Border Fence a Solution to Illegal Immigration

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Thesis: The American and Mexican nations need to create and implement a better plan to deal with illegal immigration other than a wall that destroys lands and causes many deaths each year.

1. Building a wall would only temporally stop emigrants from entering illegally. a. Concession: A wall would only be a temporary deterrent. b. People who are determined to enter the country will find ways around the wall. (ie: over, under, around) c. Harsher penalties for those who overstay their visas and those who enter illegally like longer jail sentences and/or possible death sentence.

2. Cost of building and securing the wall would be ridiculous. a. Concession: A wall will provide jobs for many people. b. The proposed cost
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This protection measure to keep illegal aliens from entering the United States from Mexico is going to cost our nation multiple billions of dollars. For instance, Customs and Border Patrol officer David Gasho is quoted saying, “We are barely hanging on five days a week, 16 hours a day here. It is very tight to do what we 're doing right now,” when asked about the amount of spending that the current wall is spending with drone security. (Anderson) Not only is the wall going to cost the nation so much in money, it’s also going to cause damage to the ecosystems in which the wall is being built and cost many emigrants their lives as they make the perilous journey. This multi-million dollar fence has caused turmoil over the environmental impact that it will have. In 2005 the Real ID Act was passed allowing laws that slow the construction of the wall to be waived. This Act has allowed for a canyon near San Diego to be filled creating erosion along the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve making the estuary’s fragile ecosystem even more fragile as it depends on water from the sea. It has also caused serious flooding in the Sonora Desert near the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, where when the flood waters have finally found a way around the wall it caused millions in damage to private and government building. (Wall) As the wall forces immigrants through the harsh terrain, looking for a way into the
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