Bottled Water Vs Tap Water Essay

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Why people chose tap water or bottled water.
Everyone needs water in their life. People drink from different sources, some people like tap water while others like bottled water. There is a big differences between both and why people chose one or the other. It’s very important to know what people think regarding this situation. We may be destroying our planter or for instance we could be prevention ourselves from getting diseases.
Some people like to drink tap water instead of water bottled, there is many reasons why people like it better. Some of the reasons can be that the tap water contains fluoride, a salt compound that helps prevent cavities. A study in Cleveland, Ohio demonstrated that 5 percent of water bottled purchased in Cleveland …show more content…

One big problem with water bottle is, well the bottle. Plastic pollution is enormous in the marine environment, the plastic is distributed across all oceans because plastic photodegrades and it disperse in the ocean as little particles. Small animals eat this particles and get poisoned and it pass up to the food chain, which probably end up with us. It is estimated that 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighting 268940 tons are currently floating at sea (Eriksen).
I think people should consider researching about the tap water in their zone and if it’s good to drink and give it a try. We are doing a great harm to our planet by supporting water bottled because all of those bottles end up in oceans and affect marine lives. There is nothing wrong with drinking tap water, the U.S have really good water systems and the water that get to our home is potable and safe to drink. I myself have always drink tap water and I have no health problems at all. The real problem is the plastic going to our oceans every day. Its your choice to help our

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