Bottled Water Research Paper

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While drinking bottled water might seem healthier, studies have shown that the U.S. FDA regulations allow some contamination of fecal material and E. Coli in the water bottles (All Filters). Kids are taught that bottled water is purified, and for that reason far healthier than regular tap water. Though this is not completely true. People are constantly exposed to different advertisements displaying bottled waters like Aquafina and Dasani. But what they do not say is that the water is not actually what they think it is. Studies have shown that most bottled water is actually 40% tap water (Mercola). So even if Americans are trying to avoid tap water, chances are they are still drinking it unaware of what they are really drinking. Americans deserve the right to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies, …show more content…

Often the bottle will sit there in the sun for a while before they actually drink it. However this can pose a serious health risk. The chemicals in plastic water bottles can be released into the water when exposed to direct sunlight (Mercola). It is advised for people to not drink water that has been just sitting there. Additionally, because a case of water is counted as a food item for the FDA they are not thoroughly checked. Because of this there could be traces of Phthalate or DEHP in the water. Phthalates can interrupt the endocrine system and can also cause cancer (Natural Resources Defense Council). While low levels of DEHP is not harmful to the body, after the bottle sits in the sun for a while the bacteria grows and the chemicals become too high for human consumption. Now if Americans are trying to drink healthier there is nothing wrong with that. However there are healthier alternatives than bottled water. They can install a filter in their sink, and filtered water from your own sink is not only healthier for them but it is also

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