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Bottom Line Recommendations Up Front: 1. While “browsewrap” can be sufficient if the terms are succinctly clear to the user, I advise we adopt the “clickwrap” agreement prior to any access to sign-up pages in order to avoid issues of notification up front. The added costs of coding are minimal. 2. Ensure that the terms of service are clear and any material changes to the terms will contain advanced notification with an opt out clause by users able to terminate their relationship with our service without penalty for early termination. Discussion and Reasoning As the partners of our startup draw closer to providing a website that allows everyone across the nation to execute Over-The-Counter (OTC) trades of penny stocks free of charge, it is imperative that we comply with recent developments concerning Terms of Service (TOS) agreements when accessing our website(s), products, and services for our future customers and to protect the interests of this startup from costly litigation should it prevent itself. The goal of this firm is to keep costs low in order to earn profit as well as keep costs of executing trades free for those entrusting us to serve their market trading needs. A key effort in accomplishing the above goals is to arbitrate legal disagreements should they arise as it is a more efficient legal venue for all involve in both time and money. Arbitration, regulated by the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) which supersedes most state imposed limitations and held

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