Boudicca Significance

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For my investigation, I chose to evaluate the significance of Boudicca and her impact on British history. This was topic that really interested me as I had seen the statue of her in London and thought her story was fascinating. All I knew about her was that was she was an ancient Celtic Queen who opposed the occupying forces of Rome then poisoned herself so that she couldn’t be held prisoner. However, there was an abundance of information that available for me to use so I could find out more about my chosen personality. There were many advantages to choosing Boudicca to investigate, however, I had to work around the issue of reliability within many of the sources. Despite that, this topic proved to be a good choice for me. I’ve always had an interest in British history. To me, Boudicca was a personality that seemed to have a significant impact and influence within this topic, and as such seemed like the best person for me to investigate. She was a strong and inspiring…show more content…
I was unsure as to what type of information I would find on Boudicca and if there was an appropriate controversy I could investigate. I started by doing general research on her to gain a historical context, and then I started narrowing it down to why she and the other Celt’s revolted against the Roman’s, and what impact this had on society. During this started developing my thesis, which went through a series of adjustments until I decided upon evaluate the significance of Boudicca and her impact on British history. I then gathered all of the information I was going to use in my investigation, and analysed the sources that this was coming from to ensure everything was correct. Once I started, I was surprised by how much I was able to find and how relevant most of the information was. I was able to then easily develop my question and then start focussing my research gathering onto certain aspects of Boudicca’s life and
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