Boys And Girls Club Speech

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Today was my first time being at the Boys and Girls Club, I spend 4 hours there entertaining a few kids. I’ll tell you something about the club I cannot believe how disorganized they are, one they didn’t know why I was there to volunteer, if felt like they really didn’t want me there either. Two, they gave me very little directions on what to do and where I can go. And finally I found it very odd that when I left no one was there to see that I left or write down anything. You would think with an organization like this they would be on top of all these things because they ask for people to come in and volunteer. No wonder they don’t have a lot of community help and support, they don’t do anything to get it. I felt like they have two sides. One …show more content…

I hope that this was just a one day thing and that I was just a rare unhappy person. Along with that I learned that there are different sides of children that a teacher may never see unless that leave there class unattended for a couple hours and suddenly walk in. I saw kids do things that weren’t inappropriate but would be frowned about by a teacher in a class room. Things such as texting to the person write a crossed the room from them. Or teasing there best friend because of wearing something, come to find out it was because the friend that was the teaser wore the something last week. A teacher would see that as you being a bully. No matter how good of friends you …show more content…

But I did see a few positive behaviors. One included two kids sitting in the game room because they had to wait like a half hour till the rest of the building open up, so they were doing homework together but not the way most teens do, that is one person does it and the other copies it. No, they were actually working through the problems together, they would stop and show each other how they got it. That being said, I don’t understand common math now, it’s to ridiculously hard now. Another positive behavior would be that I saw more of a positive adolescent to adult connection today, the other day it wasn’t all that good some kids got their phones taken and a few argued. This time there weren’t any problems that I saw. Maybe it was just a good day or they said something about the student’s

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