Bp Oil Spill Disaster

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BP Oil Spill Public Relations Response

BP Oil Spill which is also known as Gulf of Mexico and Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the largest marine oil spill throughout the history which was caused by an explosion on offshore oil platform namely Deepwater Horizon on 20th April, 2010 located at the Mississippi River delta. British Petroleum (BP) was the principal developer of Macondo Prospects oil field where the accident held. The accident occurred when they were closing the oil well for using it in future prospects. BP claimed that on July 15, 2010 they capped the well by stopping the flow of into the Gulf of Mexico in 86 days. Following the hazards of oil spill U.S. Government held British Petroleum responsible for the
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BP gulf oil spill has affected this natural fresh water by polluting it, which is being used not only for the agricultural purposes in terms of plants but also used as a drinking water source for animals and human beings also. This natural water is the basic necessity for all the living things all around the globe. Life without the fresh water is absolutely unbelievable. All the living creatures in this world require fresh water to sustain alive.
Life under water is called the marine community, which occupies a half part of this universe. Coral reef a population of living organisms, which is a diverse underwater ecosystem, compose of plants, fishes, and many other creatures. It also have been destroyed due to the BP gulf oil spill. A deep focus that need to be kept on this marine life in order to protect them.
Ecosystem and food chain plays a very essential part all around the globe because the life of all the living creatures are dependent on it. Being immobile, the marine fishes are susceptible to any loss or disaster, which could ultimately, results in death. The food chain system that could be affected by the ecosystem for instance, the shrimps can be killed if the BP oil seeps under the water and if they are being killed so the fishes would also be killed because they are dependent on them resulting in nothing left behind. One more factor of the ecosystem that need to be concerned is coastal
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