Brain Break Essay

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Brain breaks are a must have in any classroom in the modern day. Brain breaks refocus students and allow blood to freely flow through the brain, allowing for a better learning experience for students. They can really help you refocus, weather you are in elementary school, middle school, or high school. There are many types of brain breaks, and many different ones for different purposes. Some examples of brain breaks are yoga, crosswords, any physical movement, puzzles, and anything else that can challenge the brain. Brain breaks are an essential part of education today, students retain sixty percent more of what they learn in class with brain breaks implemented into everyday learning. Student performance in class is increased, mood, …show more content…

There are tons of reasons to use brain breaks to their full advantage in class. An article explains brain breaks with this quote “Brain breaks help students develop the social-emotional skills they need to master rigorous academics”(Tilley). Brain breaks help students in many different ways, as well as help teachers structure their teaching a little more. Students who participate in brain breaks have improved cognitive skills as they complete rounds or variations of an activity. They also develop a better ability to focus in class on their own without the use of brain breaks. Teachers gain a lot from brain breaks as well, as it allows them to manage the classroom better by reducing the amount of off-task behavior that may occur in class. It also keeps the learning environment constantly evolving and providing new ways to keep students engaged with what you are teaching. Brain breaks make it easy to refocus a class in only a few minutes. Brain breaks should not disrupt the learning process, they simply stretch the learning process further to make it more effective. Simple breaks like stretching, moving to a different area, or singing can rejuvenate the brain. Teachers should also time brain breaks before the students become fatigued, or bored. Once any of the listed set in it will make it more difficult to refocus students. It depends on the student’s age to determine how long is needed before a

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