Brainwashing: Fact vs Fiction Essay

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Brainwashing could be explained through two opposite claims: First, by social traditions that have been victims of authoritarian regimes, and second, by political opponents responding to certain fiascos that contradict their religious and political beliefs by claiming that their citizens are victims of brainwashing or thought reform. Reasons to why brainwashing is an inaccurate phrase is because, prisoners of war tend to claim to have been brainwashed in order not to be held responsible for revealing confidential information, no scientific experiments have found evidence to measure how brainwashing is done and many people couldn’t be brainwashed against their will. Many scientists, consequently, claim that brainwashing …show more content…

The origin of brainwashing was claimed by U.S.A to explain why most American soldiers arrived back from the Korean War accepting the communist phenomenon (1950-1953). Due to the long cold war between communists and democratic, U.S.A find a pretext to engage in an international war against the soviet union and communist nations, “Brainwashing, with the even more sinister brain changing in Reverse, is the terrifying new Communist strategy to conquer the free world by destroying its mind.", ( Edward Hunter, 1971). According to Walter Bowart (1978), CIA was a strong influential means used by the America government to win the support of millions of citizens. The brainwashing concept was first introduced by the CIA propaganda specialist. Physiologists therefore, interpret brainwashing an instrumental weapon used by political opponents to forcefully control their own citizens and other states support. There hadn’t been scientific experiments’ that measured how people could be manipulated and be measured by coercive persuasion. But, despite the previous argument, there are many reason to think that, First a famous scientific experiments known as MK-ULTRA brainwashing experiment, was done by CIA officials to control the minds of the American citizens, “MKULTRA experimented with radiation, electroshock, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, harassment substances”, ( Bowart,

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