Brand Analysis : Nike And Nike

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Brand Analysis: a case study of NIKE

Background of Nike:
Nike Inc. is an American corporation that was founded in 1971 and extended its market to the globe. It is known as one of the largest supplier for sports-related products in worldwide. The company mainly focus on selling athletic shoes, sportswear and other sports-related products. In year 2014 its brand value was valued at 19 billion, making it the most valuable brand among all sports-related business. By the end of 2015, It had an income of $3.27 billion and a revenue of 30.6 billion.
Market Segmentation and targeted market:
The main targeted market of Nike are people who lives in developed city, aged 12-40. The specific target consumers within this range that has a desire to
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From its statement: “everyone with a body is an athlete”, Nike is trying to create a brand image for is customers of having an sporty lifestyle and attitude.

The key aspect that separate Nike from its main competitors are the technological level of its products and the recognition of the brand. Nike incorporates different technology into its products. Nike has always been the leader of innovation and technology in the sports industry. It is one of the first company that apply physics and biomechanics into their products. ( Over years of research, Nike owns a lot of patents and apply these new technologies on their products for example: Nike Air VaporMax, Nike Lunarlon and Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit etc. In terms of brand recognition, being the world largest sports product supplier, Nike has extended its brand influence by sponsoring famous athletes in different fields all around the world ( The brand slogan “Just Do It” designed in 2009 has been phenomenal and very appealing when it comes to attracting customers to buy its products. These helps Nike to stand out from its major competitors.

In the 21st century, Nike stretches its brandname into different area of production, including Nike Golf, Nike Pro and Nike+. Among all, the brand Nike+ helps Nike to strengthen its name of being an innovative brand by being the first company to cooperate with Apple
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