Braun : The Syncro Shaver ( A )

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Course: New Product Development Case: Braun: The Syncro Shaver (A) Introduction “Today’s Research for Tomorrow’s Health” is an operating philosophy for Braun Company. This company undertakes designing, development, and manufacturing of small electrical appliances. They want to create some new products for human, especially in body and health management. In 1950, Braun introduced the first reliable electric foil saver in Europe, and it is very popular in Europe. In 1967, Braun brothers sold their company to the American company, Gillette, and this company is famous on their razors, blade. Therefore, Braun has a German soul, American spirit; those two reasons bring this company to a global presence. In the late 1980s, Braun’s ambitions …show more content…

SWOT analysis of Braun Company Strengths Weaknesses Diverse employees Own machine tools Complete production system Innovation and Idea Management team Target is people Great reputation/brand name Product recall Not durable Different quality Expensive products Opportunities Threats Emerging markets Rising demand for men’s products Innovation new products Intense Competition Price war Customers are different group Strengths: Diverse employees: There employees are come from different fields, such as engineering, packing design, business, science. As we know people who major in different. Moreover, Braun Company not only keeps their senior employees, but also hires some young people. Senior employees have more experience and they know how the company works. And you employee who is not familiar with the company, they may bring some fresh ideas. Target is people Braun Company think their products is not the best, because products will change very fast, no one can promise their products is the newest. People buy your products, because they like it, because they think your products have a good value. Braun Company always focus on customers, they think: our products have to be better-more understandable and more valuable for customers, we need to understand our mission, we do function design. If we are doing good in our product design, and our customers will buy our products. Management team Braun Company

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